Two Alps Girls Interview

Simona and Andrijana look on to the mountainous landscape ahead in their first social media post. The Alps Girls write: “It represents our beginning but also us two with an amazing view on the mountain lakes. It is important to us because we often hike to lakes in the mountains, and we want to raise awareness about these beautiful lakes, because there is always less water, each year due to climate change.”

Two Alps Girls (06/09/2020)

The Two Alps Girls (Simona and Andrijana) are fellow adventurers who we met last year and decided to invite to an interview because of the amazing photography which they continue to take of the Alps in Europe. Complete with camera and drone in hand, a visit to their Instagram page or website will surround you with their beautiful photography and passion for the outdoors.

Note: This interview was originally completed in the winter before the weather started to warm up. Follow them as they continue their journey in every season.
A visit to their Instagram page is full of stunning mountain photographs such as this one.

How did you get started?

We’ve been hiking for some while now, and every time that we would take a new trail we took many pictures to remember the beauty of the nature that we saw. So we have decided that it will be nice to share this beauty and love for the nature with everyone who is willing to join us on this journey.

What are your main adventure sports?

We could say that we are mainly focusing on hiking and trekking. In winter we also go skiing. Besides this we love all sports, especially the outdoors and whenever we have a chance of trying something new we definitely take it.

Tell us about some of the greatest adventures that you’ve been on. What stands out for you? Where have you gone? What have you done? What are you proud of?

One of the best adventures was visiting a lake on 2800m high mountain in the French alps. The lake was so beautiful that it looked surreal. At that occasion we had been doing a collaboration with a company that sells t-shirts for hikers, so once we got there and saw the beautiful lake, we knew that it was the perfect set for our shooting.

Have you always enjoyed the outdoors? What brings you outside?

Yes, since we were little, we have both been exposed a lot to outdoor sports and adventures. We could say that the love and respect for nature is what brings us outside and we would like to educate people through our project on how to respect the mountains while enjoying them at the same time.

Tell me about a challenge you’ve had while travelling and something you did to solve it.

Once we’ve found ourselves on the top of the mountain with intense snow coming down. Normally we plan everything well, but this time we sort of failed, so we knew we had to come down before nightfall. We almost ran down the trail almost all the way and it was definitely challenging.

What’s your favorite meal to have while on your adventures?

We are fine with sandwiches but we also always take a lot of fruit with us, especially bananas.

What are your three favorite/most useful items to take with you on your journeys?

We couldn’t go on a hike without taking our go pro and drone with us. There is always an amazing landscape that deserves to have pictures taken of. And the third thing would be a thermal bottle for hot tea.
The Two Alps Girls pose in front of the gorgeous mountains.

What are you doing now?

As being in the middle of the skiing season, here on the Alps, we are more focused on that lately. We will do some other hikes this winter but mainly we will ski.

What are you planning next?

The next big adventure that we are working on is supposed to be in the Switzerland Alps. We have won a competition and have some train tickets to get to the point on the Alps from where we can go hiking. It’s an area that we definitely like to explore so hopefully this spring we can share with you some pictures from this adventure.

How can people reach you?

They can write us a DM through our Instagram page twoalpsgirls or otherwise a mail on

Please share an inspirational quote which has been meaningful for you in life.

The silence of nature speaks louder than words

Ashish Shirke

The silence of nature speaks louder than words
Two Alps Girls: “A landscape photo done with the drone on a very short trip to the Dolomites. Being a UNESCO heritage location, we would love to explore the trails there again in the near future.

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