Plant 10 Trees to Reduce Carbon Emissions

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<big>You can decide to have Thortek Outdoors connect with carbon offsetting and have 10 trees planted in your behalf. </big>

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You can decide to have Thortek Outdoors connect with carbon offsetting companies and have 10 trees planted on your behalf. Purchasing a carbon offset adds to the positive value which 10% of all profits at Thortek Outdoors already contributes towards offsetting emissions. All costs except for applicable taxes will go directly to the offsetting company.

Why Thortek Outdoors chose this product…

According to to the United States Environmental Protection Agency in their article, “Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions“, all transportation including trucks and airplanes were responsible for 29% of the excess greenhouse gas emission in 2017. This of course is on top of the Energy Industry, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and other resources which contribute to global warming. When we add everything up, According one one article by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “the average annual carbon dioxide emissions per person was 20 metric tons” and this was over 10 years ago. We all have a carbon footprint, and it is our choice if we want to reduce or offset it.

Key Features

Easily offset your carbon footprint for lifestyle choices such as international travel.

Can be conveniently purchased along with other products.

Gold Standard for CO₂ Reduction. (source)

Each protected tree will absorb about 1 ton of CO₂ in 40 years and has a 60% chance of reaching 40. (source)

Planting 10 trees will offset five or six tonnes of CO₂, about one quarter to a third of a person’s annual production. (source)


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