Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Shipping Times
Shipping From
Shipping From
North America
Shipping From
Shipping From
To United States10-14 days3-6 days8-12 days6-9 days
To Canada12-14 days3-8 daysN/A3-6 days
To UK and Europe10-14 days6-9 days8-12 days3-6 days
To Australia and South Africa8-12 days6-9 daysN/A6-12 days
To Rest of the World
14-20 days10-14 days12-18 days12-18 days

Note: Actual shipping times may vary. Please allow two weeks for the parcel to arrive.

For more information about shipping times between countries please see this website:

Shipping PricesRegular Shipping
(up to 1kg/2.2lbs)
Extra Large
(over 1kg/2.2lbs)
United StatesFree-$2.99USD4.99USD
UK and EuropeFree-$3.99USD**5.99USD**
Australia and
South Africa
Rest of the World Free-$4.99USD***$6.99USD***

* Canadian customs may randomly charge some duty on items perceived at a value higher than $20.00 please see the following link for more details:

** If you ordering from within an EU country, you may be charged VAT(about 20%) in accordance with EU law unless the selected warehouse is from within the EU.

*** While we aim to provide quality service to everywhere in the world, there are some remote locations (such as Antarctica, Easter Island, and the Galapagos Islands ) which fall outside of the scope of this business. If this happens we will contact you individually.