Ultra Light Rain Fly Tent Tarp, Waterproof 20d Silicone Coating Nylon Camping Shelter Canopy Rainfly, Lightweight tarp

This is a great tarp for the ultimate minimalist shelter or take it as extra protection for your next adventure.

Why Thortek Outdoors chose this product...

Not only can this be used as a minimalistic shelter for your next journey, but it is also a great little tarp which can protect your gear or give you an area to work under. For trekkers, you could use this to save you the weight of a full-size tent. For cyclists, this is a great item to take in addition to your tent to add extra functionality or to help store your gear.

Key Features

Highly waterproof - With 3000mm + rating on the fabric, this material will keep what's underneath dry.

Doubles as a standalone shelter - Use your trekking poles and cord along with the pegs to make a convenient shelter.

Pegs and cord for best use - The pegs work great for the ground while using the cord alone is a great option to make an elevated tarp between trees.

Double reinforced tabs - High tension areas have extra reinforcement for sustained use. A high quality construction.

Lightweight and high quality - Tarp alone is only 320 grams (11.3 oz) and makes a great addition to your pack!



Color: orange / gray

Material: 20d Nylon double side Silicone Coating​, no seal tape.


About 320g (11.3 oz) ( not including the weight of the accessories )

About 430g (15.3 oz) (with the tent+accessories )

Package Contents:

1 tarp ,6 pegs



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