Offset Purchases

Offset Purchases

Our Commitment to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Here at Thortek Outdoors, we believe that offsetting carbon emissions should just be the cost of doing business. In a time such as this when there are so many concerns about the effects of greenhouse gases on the planet, we need to not only reduce the amount of emissions we produce, but also make proactive efforts to reverse these effects. We feel that there are still many companies out there that disregard the importance of caring for our mother earth. No matter what you sell, it is always possible to do better, and to show this we have made the Thortek Promise.

Our Thortek Promise

We, Thortek Outdoors, promise to commit 10% of profits towards carbon offsetting the business. This means that the CO₂ impact which is made en route from the factory to your doorstep will not only negated by leading programs to reduce CO₂, but that any remaining profits from that 10% will go above and beyond to help reduce further emissions in our atmosphere. We have many products sourced from different factories, and moving to consumers in different places in the world. In this environment, it is difficult to predict the precise impact of manufacturing the products themselves, but we are confident that our 10% promise will not only cover the emissions of transportation, but will give you the ease of mind that your purchase will in some way be reducing emissions rather than contributing to them.

How Does Thortek Reduce Emissions?

As our carbon offsetting funds accumulate we sometimes make donations to key organizations in the industry. We are looking to partner with programs that mean business when it comes to offsetting emissions and are always looking for great projects that follow the Gold Standard. Big or small, we all need to do our part to reduce our impact on this beautiful island in the stars we call home. We have linked to some organizations below which we will be working with as well as a carbon offset calculator in case you want to use it for your next adventure.


Carbonfund: We will be buying trees from here. There’s ton’s of information about carbon offsetting on this website.

Gold Standard: A great organization that links users with a wide-variety of programs. These not only offset emissions, but also restore habitats and provide opportunities for people around the world. We will be investing in many of the projects here.

Less Emissions: A great Canadian website that offers gold standard, CSA Standard certified projects.

Climate Care Calculator: A great carbon offset calculator to get you started.

Offset your Flight: Also from Less Emissions, this website will calculate the cost to offset your next adventure if it involves travelling by plane.

Help Even More

Your purchases help reduce CO₂ emissions, but you can help even more by buying trees from Thortek Outdoors. Your purchase goes directly towards funding the trees.