Will the Adventurer Interview

Will says: “One of the nicest sunsets I’ve been able to see in the mountains. This one was new Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada.”

Will the Adventurer (06/26/2020)

Thortek Outdoors quite literally met our friend Will on the side of a mountain preparing for his evening camp. It had been a hot day in the Swiss Alps and the burning glow of the sunset was making its final descent behind the mountains. Little did we know, our paths would cross again and we would become friends and fellow adventurers.

How did you get started?

I have been interested into hiking for a while, but never knew how to start until a friend of me invited me to do a trail named the Permi Loop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. I then realized that it was going to be a very steep be a multi-day hike. We eventually had to reduce our trip to an easier day hike, but still, since this first hike, I am constantly looking for opportunities to get on the trail.

Cgothberg shares photographs such as these which are located near where Will first developed his passion for hiking.

What are your main adventure sports?

Trekking, climbing, cycling… a bit of everything that don’t involve competition and allows me to get into the mountains.

Tell us about some of the greatest adventures that you’ve been on. What stands out for you? Where have you gone? What have you done? What are you proud of?

One of the greatest adventures for me was walking the Walker’s Haute Route, a 12 day, 200 kilometre hike across the Swiss alps, which forced me to get ready for a long hike, but also introduced me to a whole new level of hiking.

Here, Wildmountainthyme also shares some of the nature where Will would have gone.

Have you always enjoyed the outdoors? What brings you outside?

Calm, freedom. Life is simpler on the trail.

Tell me about a challenge you’ve had while travelling and something you did to solve it.

Keeping a good mental balance when you are on the trail for an extended period of time is quite a challenge, especially when your body feels exhausted. Doubt is always at the next corner. Having a journal to write in every day was probably the best way to dial down all the thoughts I had during the day.

What are your three favorite/most useful items to take with you on your journeys?

My camera! I love to be able to take good pictures of places that you can see only if you get there by foot, which kind makes the picture itself even more valuable.

What are you doing now?

These days I am working as a product design engineer full time and in my free time I enjoy hiking, climbing, and planning my next trips.

What are you planning next?

I’m currently planning to do the GR20, in Corsica, next summer!

We wish Will good luck this year or next when this trip becomes possible. Gr20_corse shows many beautiful shots of this trail.

Please share an inspirational quote which has been meaningful for you in life.

The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.

Dan Millman

Happiness is only real when shared.

Into the Wild (Film)
Will says, “A good example I what I meant in Q7 by talking about incredible landscapes that you can only experience by physically getting there.”
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