• Will the Adventurer Interview
    Will says: “One of the nicest sunsets I’ve been able to see in the mountains. This one was new Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada.”

    Will the Adventurer (06/26/2020)

    Thortek Outdoors quite literally met our friend Will on the side of a mountain preparing for his evening camp. It had been a hot day in the Swiss Alps and the burning glow of the sunset was making its final descent behind the mountains. Little did we know, our paths would cross again and we would become friends and fellow adventurers.

    How did you get started?

    I have been interested into hiking for a while, but never knew how to start until a friend of me invited me to do a trail named the Permi Loop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. I then realized that it was going to be a very steep be a multi-day hike. We eventually had to reduce our trip to an easier day hike, but still, since this first hike, I am constantly looking for opportunities to get on the trail.

  • Two Alps Girls Interview
    Simona and Andrijana look on to the mountainous landscape ahead in their first social media post. The Alps Girls write: “It represents our beginning but also us two with an amazing view on the mountain lakes. It is important to us because we often hike to lakes in the mountains, and we want to raise awareness about these beautiful lakes, because there is always less water, each year due to climate change.”

    Two Alps Girls (06/09/2020)

    The Two Alps Girls (Simona and Andrijana) are fellow adventurers who we met last year and decided to invite to an interview because of the amazing photography which they continue to take of the Alps in Europe. Complete with camera and drone in hand, a visit to their Instagram page or website will surround you with their beautiful photography and passion for the outdoors.

    Note: This interview was originally completed in the winter before the weather started to warm up. Follow them as they continue their journey in every season.

  • Logan and Natalie Interview
    Logan and Natalie will be cycling nearly 20,000 miles on a great adventure across the United States

    Logan Mayberry and Natalie Suarez (01/12/2020)

    Thortek Outdoors will be sponsoring these two as they cycle across through all 48 continuous US states. We’ve sent them some gear including Rhinowalk Panniers, some bicycle accessories, and dry bags. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the gear holds up in the rigors of their daily travel. Good luck Logan and Natalie!

    How did you get started?

    We got the idea to go on a cycling trip across all 48 states through YouTube. We watched videos of another couple on a similar adventure and thought it looked like a ton of fun! We did a bit of research and realized that many people cycle across the US, so we decided to kick it up a notch and cycle across all 48 continuous states! Our tour will cover about 20,000 miles!

  • Arie Hoogerbrugge Interview
    Saguaro National Park - 2017 Tucson Arizona
    Saguaro National Park – 2017 Tucson Arizona

    Arie Hoogerbrugge (12/29/2019)

    Thortek Outdoors is proud to sponsor Arie Hoogerbrugge as he begins his next great journey across Canada and through the Americas. This time he is going big with a 55,000 km journey through 24 countries. In this interview, Arie shares about his passion for cycling and his desire to help the environment.

    How did you get started?

    In 2011 I did a 6,500 km bike ride through northern and western Canada.  It was the most amazing experience of my life.  As with many people that go on a long bike tour I was hooked and the dream for a Canadian Arctic to the bottom of Argentina ride was born.  Over the years biking across Canada was incorporated into the route.

    The start date for this ride kept getting pushed back for personal reasons and then the window opened.  It was now or never and that set me up for a Canadian crossing during the winter.  So I went for it.