Will the Adventurer Interview

Will says: “One of the nicest sunsets I’ve been able to see in the mountains. This one was new Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada.”

Will the Adventurer (06/26/2020)

Thortek Outdoors quite literally met our friend Will on the side of a mountain preparing for his evening camp. It had been a hot day in the Swiss Alps and the burning glow of the sunset was making its final descent behind the mountains. Little did we know, our paths would cross again and we would become friends and fellow adventurers.

How did you get started?

I have been interested into hiking for a while, but never knew how to start until a friend of me invited me to do a trail named the Permi Loop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. I then realized that it was going to be a very steep be a multi-day hike. We eventually had to reduce our trip to an easier day hike, but still, since this first hike, I am constantly looking for opportunities to get on the trail.

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The Inspiration Behind Thortek Outdoors as Written by its Creator.

Thortek Outdoors Your Adventure Starts Here

By Thortek Outdoors

While I had always been interested in the outdoors, it wasn’t until around eight years ago that I really understood its positive, transformative power. At that time, I had been living in Japan as an English teacher when a friend of mine came to visit my home in a medium sized town called Beppu in the southern island of Kyushu. My friend Matt who was also a teacher, had found himself placed in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of the country a few years earlier and I remember sitting there in awe as he talked to me about his many adventures in the remote region where he lived. After arriving, he just got a bicycle and began to ride whenever he could for both the exercise and the freedom. What he told me next was even more amazing. After his final year, he geared up and rode his bicycle down from the very north of Japan down the west coast, around the southernmost tip of Kyushu and then up the east coast until finally he reached Osaka before flying home. As he told me about his 3000 Kilometer adventure by bicycle, I remember entertaining for the first time in my life that if I chose to do so, I could do the same. I said goodbye to my long-time friend after a few days visiting with him, and I must have had a grin on my face with all of the new ideas I had floating in my mind. Something had changed inside of me and I knew that I would never be the same again. 

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