Keeping Your Feet Dry on the Road

Wet Shoes

By Thortek Outdoors

If you’ve either done cycle touring or long-distance hiking in the rain, then you’ve probably encountered the common issue of keeping your feet dry. No matter how waterproof your shoes are, water is still likely to enter somehow after enduring hours of slogging them through the rain. For the trekkers out there, keeping your shoes in good condition by repairing cracks in the soles and respraying protection periodically does help quite a bit. For cyclist wearing clip shoes, the solution is a little more complicated because clip shoes have small opening on the bottom. No matter what kind of cycling shoe cover you put  on, some water could backsplash and leak through. On one of the longest cycling days of my life (305km), I continued along through the rain from the morning, then through the night, and well into the next day, becoming soaked after hours of rain. It wasn’t pretty – in fact, my feet were so gnarly from a combination of the rain and the wrong choice of socks (I’ll get to that in a moment), that I thought I was starting to get early stages of trench foot. While gross, this story does show the need to find a good rainy day solution, especially for the feet. What follows here are some good suggestions for the road and one solution that will only cost you $7.00 for a lightweight pair.

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