Two Alps Girls Interview

Simona and Andrijana look on to the mountainous landscape ahead in their first social media post. The Alps Girls write: “It represents our beginning but also us two with an amazing view on the mountain lakes. It is important to us because we often hike to lakes in the mountains, and we want to raise awareness about these beautiful lakes, because there is always less water, each year due to climate change.”

Two Alps Girls (06/09/2020)

The Two Alps Girls (Simona and Andrijana) are fellow adventurers who we met last year and decided to invite to an interview because of the amazing photography which they continue to take of the Alps in Europe. Complete with camera and drone in hand, a visit to their Instagram page or website will surround you with their beautiful photography and passion for the outdoors.

Note: This interview was originally completed in the winter before the weather started to warm up. Follow them as they continue their journey in every season.

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